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Yekaterina ( Katya)  Zatolokina  artist and founder of Artyka School of Visual Art  was born in Russia in a family of   educators and artists.

Her love for art began in her early years, she won her first art contest at the age of 5. From there, she attended art school and continued her art education at University and graduated with a diploma of excellence. During her years of learning art, she was actively involved in creating art  for sale and painted several murals that were used to enhance schools for children with disabilities.

Since graduation, she worked as an artist and art teacher in the public school system. Her professional experience was enriched by her family life with 2 artistic children.

In 2000, Katya Immigrated to Canada, first she was volunteering as an Art instructor, then, she  ran Art Club  for more than 150 kids,  painted a spectacular  floral and animal mural for a  school hallway. Soon, she was an Art Teacher at a Private school for gifted children.

All that time,  she continued to create her own unique paintings to express her love for life, color and nature.

Throughout the years of teaching and painting, she was inspired by the influential qualities of art.  This impacted Katya and led her to pay more attention to aspects of how art could help to relive stress, she was motivated  to take more courses in Behavior  Science. Her enriched  education provided foundation to  use elements of art therapy during her classes.

As a result of many years of experience, Yekaterina’s passion for art  and an unique blend of studies she has gained insight into a deeper  understanding of many  possibilities to enrich and balance  people lives by bringing art. To share her  experience and benefit more people,  she opened her own Art School and Art Gallery called Artyka. This is a place where children, teens and adults come to learn and explore their own creativity through drawing, painting and sculpting.


“I get inspired every day by beautiful things around me. I think, art brings so much positivity to people’s lives.

For me, painting is more than a profession, it’s my passion, motivation and relaxation. Art  brings  joy to my life so I would like to share it with my students and guests.

Creativity could change your life for the better, you just need to open the door”.

Katya Zatolokina

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